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Dec 3, 2019

Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Editor of RadioGraphics, discusses five articles from the November-December 2019 issue of RadioGraphics. ARTICLES DISCUSSED:Imaging of Small Renal Masses before and after Thermal Ablation., RadioGraphics 2019; 39:2134–2145.; US Evaluation of Twin Pregnancies: Importance of Chorionicity and Amnionicity., RadioGraphics 2019; 39:2146–2166.; Neurocristopathies: Enigmatic Appearances of Neural Crest Cell– derived Abnormalities., RadioGraphics 2019; 39:2085–2102.; Extrapulmonary Tuberculosis: Pathophysiology and Imaging Findings., RadioGraphics 2019; 39:2023–2037.; Contrast-enhanced Mammography: Current Applications and Future Directions., RadioGraphics 2019; 39:1907–1920.;