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Aug 15, 2018

Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Editor of RadioGraphics, discusses 6 articles from the July-August 2018 issue of RadioGraphics. ARTICLES DISCUSSED: J Pouch: Imaging Findings, Surgical Variations, Natural History, and Common Complications, RadioGraphics 2018; 38(4):1073-1088; Introduction to the Technical Aspects of Computed Diffusion-weighted Imaging for Radiologists, RadioGraphics 2018; 38(4):1131-1144; A Spectrum of Entities That May Mimic Abdominopelvic Abscesses Requiring Image-guided Drainage, RadioGraphics 2018; 38(4):1264-1281; Unintended Consequences of Systemic and Ablative Oncologic Therapy in the Abdomen and Pelvis, RadioGraphics 2018; 38(4):1158-1179; Nonepithelial Neoplasms of the Pancreas, Part 2: Malignant Tumors and Tumors of Uncertain Malignant Potential, RadioGraphics 2018; 38(4): 1047–1072; Hormonal Effects on Breast Density, Fibroglandular Tissue, and Background Parenchymal Enhancement, RadioGraphics 2018; 38(4):983-996.