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Apr 9, 2019

Jeffrey Klein, MD, speaks with Drs. Ravi V. Gottumukkala, Michael S. Gee, and Mary-Louise C. Greer about their article, “Current and Emerging Roles of Whole-Body MRI in Evaluation of Pediatric Cancer Patients.” See Gottumukkala et al, RadioGraphics 2019;39:516-534.

Apr 2, 2019

Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Editor of RadioGraphics, discusses six articles from the March-April 2019 issue of RadioGraphics. ARTICLES DISCUSSED: Expected and Unexpected Imaging Findings After 90Y Transarterial Radioembolization for Liver Tumors., RadioGraphics 2019; 39:578-595; High-Value Multidetector CT Angiography of...