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Dec 1, 2020

Podcast Contents

00:00-00:23–Introduction by Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Editor of RadioGraphics.

00:24-04:58–A Pictorial Review of Postpartum
Complications. Gonzalo-Carballes et al, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:2117–2141.  

04:59-08:09–Multisystem Imaging Manifestations of COVID-19, Part 2: From Cardiac Complications to Pediatric Manifestations. Revzin et al, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:1866–1892.

08:10-11:32– RESPECT: Radiology Employees Striving for Productive and Effective Communication. Towbin et al, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:2068–2079. 

11:33-14:00–Primary Mitochondrial Disorders of the Pediatric Central Nervous System: Neuroimaging Findings. Gonçalves et al, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:2042–2067.

14:01- 20:25–Radionuclide Imaging of Cardiac Amyloidosis and Sarcoidosis: Roles and Characteristics of Various Tracers. Hotta et al, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:2029–2041. 

20:26-25:28–Abbreviated MRI for Hepatocellular Carcinoma Screening and Surveillance. An et al, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:1916–1931.

25:28-25:53 Outro