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Aug 4, 2020

Podcast Contents

0:00-0:56–Introduction by Jeffrey S. Klein, MD, Editor of RadioGraphics.

0:57-5:06–Missed Breast Cancer: The Impact of Subconscious Bias and Specific Lesion Characteristics. Lamb et al, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:941–960.  

5:07-8:54– High-Resolution MRI of the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint: Gross Anatomy and Injury Characterization. Hallinan et al, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:1107–1124. 

8:55-14:39– Cardiac MR in Pulmonary Hypertension: From Magnet to Bedside.Broncano et al, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:982–1002. 

14:40-19:36– Non-Infectious Granulomatous Diseases of the Chest. Naeem et al, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:1003–1019

19:37- 24:00– Genetic Testing for Hereditary Breast Cancer: A Primer for Radiologists. Bharucha et al, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:913–936. 

24:01-28:06– Intramedullary Masses of the Spinal Cord: Radiologic-Pathologic Correlation. Shih and Koeller, RadioGraphics 2020; 40:1125–1145. 

28:07-28:30 Outro